Common project delays that can cost you.

Municipal/Neighborhood Review Process

  • San Francisco in particular has become a planning/permitting nightmare for construction projects.  Some projects are taking over a year to get through planning approval, they still need to go though the building department after that.  It is critical that a strong team is put together to move through this process as quickly as possible.  A construction manager is an invaluable resource in building this team.

Endless Design Revisions

  • Sometimes an owner's biggest enemy can be themselves.  Indecision during the design process can cause a project to drag on indefinitely.  It is important to let the design professionals do their jobs and help guide you to your vision.  A construction manager can help by acting as an impartial third opinion while going through the design process.

Owner Driven Change Orders

  • When an owner makes a change during the course of a project, it is called an owner driven change order.  Change orders typically cause project delays and budget increases.  Owners need to be clear about what the architectural plans are showing in order to minimize owner driven change orders.  Usually, owner driven change orders arise from an owner not fully understanding the design or the architectural drawings.  It is not easy to see a 2D image and imagine it in a 3D space, talk to your build team about mock-ups and models to help keep your project on schedule.  

Choosing The Wrong Contractor

  • Contractor selection has a lot to do with the success and failure of a project.  With regards to scheduling, their coordination skills are paramount.  They must be able plan a project months in advance, and be able to rely on their subcontractors to follow through with that plan.  Choosing a poor contractor without these skills will quickly drive the schedule into the ground.  A construction manager can help select an appropriate contractor and help guide them to a successful project completion.