Construction Management

As construction managers, it is our role to act on your behalf during the construction process.  There is no need for you to concern yourself with  the countless details, the complicated accounting, or the technical jargon that permeates every construction project.  

Enjoy peace of mind throughout the entire construction process

Finding an architect, dealing with the building department, and hiring a contractor are just the tip of the iceberg when managing a construction project.  Very few individuals have the expertise, let alone the time to devote to their construction project.  GARCM can control the day-to-day details of your project for you, so you can focus your valuable time on your life.

Realize cost savings on your project

GARCM can reduce or eliminate most cost overruns and hidden charges that are commonly associated with construction projects.  Through our years of experience, we can identify and eliminate many of these costs before the project even begins.  Change orders that arise during the course of the project are also minimized through careful negotiation and understanding of the construction process and documents.

Accelerate the speed of your project through careful time management

A thorough understanding of the building trades and how they relate is essential to keeping a project on track.  GARCM is able to build and maintain strong relationships with the construction team to ensure every member is fulfilling their obligation to your project schedule.

A single point of contact to simplify project communications

We provide a centralized channel to ensure  streamlined and organized communication throughout your project.  Our goal is to provide a new level of professionalism not typically found on most construction projects.

Continued service and MAINTENANCE after project completion

Our involvement with the owner does not end once the project is completed and our clients move in.  GARCM is there to assist with follow up projects of any size, regular home maintenance, and warranty work.  We have helped clients select furniture, art, wine collections, and even cars.  Construction is a relationship based business, and it is our business to build and maintain these relationships.